• Cuisine with Criteria

The culinary proposal presented by María de la O is based on a new concept of cooking, our chef, Chechu González, likes to call it “Cuisine with criteria.”

This advance in the so-called creative cuisine involves a great work of documentation and the studying of each ingredient used in our dishes. The search for the closest products that assure quality and the farthest unknown flavors create a combination that produces a unique menu in the city of Granada.

The dishes are actually mosaics composed of very elaborate elements, which seek to surprise diners. The elaborate cooking of each of them, combining traditional techniques and the most innovative ones, is one of the keys that makes María de la O one of the most innovative gastronomic spaces.

The Chef

The culinary proposals presented by “María de la O” are based on the culinary concept of our chef, Chechu González, which he calls “Cuisine with Criteria”:

“I do not fit into any kitchen because I think there are only two types: the good and the bad, I always try to be the good. My dishes are based on products and techniques from here and there, national and international, always with a word that is the common denominator in all my elaborations: Criterion.”

Chechu González has extensive experience, working in restaurants across the national scope, making a qualitative leap in 2016 by completing his Master’s Degree in “Technique, Products and Creativity” at the prestigious Basque Culinary Cooking Center at the University of San Sebastian, Spain.

“That experience helped me see my profession in a different light and advance my knowledge to the level I have always wanted.”

At María de la O you can explore and discover a myriad of flavors and nuances on the menu or by “Flirting”, a way that perfectly describes a tour of our fare with five dishes.