• The Restaurant

    Vista de Restaurante María de la O

Inside the palace, we find the á la carte restaurant, and there is also a terrace with spectacular views. The element that welcomes in the entry hall is a glass-enclosed wine cellar, backlit on both sides. A cellar framed in an original brick portico.

The restaurant has two rooms with capacity for 20 and 40 guests which allow for an extended after-dinner conversation. The concept of sanctuary, represented by Carmen de Granada, also emerges in this area. The exposed brick portico, the warm colors, the vaulted ceiling and the unique layout of the tables achieve the goal of creating a cozy space that will make you feel at home.

Land or Sea?

At “María de la O” we want to offer cuisine with personality and its own identity. We do not like to fall for conventions, not because we force ourselves to do so, but because it is our way of understanding cuisine.

Our cuisine has a heavy base where sauces and broths prevail, a secret of the traditional cuisine of our grandmothers that gives personality to each dish and makes it unique. The recipes go from being good to excellent, which is the key to “Cuisine with criteria.”

Preparing all the dishes on our menu entails a lot of work, including documenting and studying each of the ingredients. The sum of the closest ingredients together with the lesser known flavors of the most distant products offers our customers unique flavors and nuances.

Giving you a unique experience. Try our kitchen team’s nuances while you enjoy the spaces of our restaurant in Granada. Your best choice.